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The whole idea from station building to SEO optimization

The website construction and SEO optimization are in the same line. The website is made for users and search engines. Before the website construction, the optimization idea should run through it.
An enterprise station needs to be planned in advance from preparation for construction to online, to SEO optimization operation. The process and result of no planning are scattered, and the final efficiency is also below.
The overall thinking from station building to SEO optimization
1: Before the website goes online, some necessary points should be considered.
1: What kind of website are you going to build? Blog type? Official website? You have to think about it.
2: What keywords are you going to do? Have you checked and approved the key words Baidu won't let you do, what's the competitiveness of the key words, and whether there are corresponding tools to expand the relevant key words of the subdivision industry.
3: Is the program, domain name and space determined? Different businesses, different keywords and different user numbers determine whether the program is developed by itself and the configuration of space.
4: Is the external chain resources ready? The different competitiveness of keywords determines the preparation time of the external chain resources.
2: SEO setting in website construction.
1: Common settings. Many basic SEO settings are also necessary, such as 301 redirection, 404 error page, robots protocol, website map, image alt, and basic TKD settings. There are now Baidu respected MIP transformation, HTTPS transformation and so on.
2: Other settings. The most important point is to plan the URL in advance and set the breadcrumbs.
3: Baidu shares, baidu recommends reading, baidu station search and other official components of Baidu.
3: SEO operation stage after the website goes online.
1: The idea of content as king is never out of date. It provides a lot of real-time content for search engines. Authoritative content is the foundation. The frequency of content updating should not be too small. UGC is more appropriate to produce content.
2: Baidu webmaster platform link submission tool, the first time to submit the content generated by the site to the search engine; pay attention to block the content that does not need to be included in the search engine.
3: Link building. As for link construction, it should not be limited to external links, but also take into account friendship links and internal links.
Similar to a chain, website construction and SEO optimization are indispensable, and there are some points that can not be done, such as the typical spider pool and other black hat SEO, in which keywords are superimposed to cheat. There are also some points that should be done, such as website data analysis, IIS log analysis, constantly learning from the high-quality original of high-quality websites, and constantly optimizing and innovating websites.
It is a successful website to keep working hard to make the website meet the search and query needs of segmented users and the dimensions of search engine collection, sorting and presentation
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